Pure Gold Chokes


Thank you for choosing the hunting section of our website. In this section, you will be able to choose from our Waterfowl, Turkey and Buckshot chokes. Pure Gold extended ported chokes are designed to strip the wad from the shot column to give you the ultimate pattern that you have been looking for. They are not designed to increase maximum range, rather they are designed to provide more shot in the kill zone at reasonable ranges. All of our chokes are made from a top grade 17-4 heat treated stainless steel for maximum strength and durability.

Thank you for choosing our hunting section of our website. In the shopping sections to follow you will be able to select the gun brand and choke sizes to suit most any type of hunting. Once you have entered our shopping pages, please select your proper gage and gun brand, making sure to match the choke that came with your gun from the factory using the below video before placing your order. Please call or email if you have additonal questions. Pure Gold Chokes will not be liable for any mismatched choke to gun issues.

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