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Thank you for choosing our Turkey Choke section of our website. Our turkey chokes come in two basic styles, ported, and non-ported which are called The Tempset. The ported chokes will work with any shells except the Federal Flight Control Wad styles. The Tempest chokes are designed especially for the Federal Flight Control Wad shells, but will work very well with all other brands of shells as well. The chokes come in two different constrictions, 660 and 670. The 660 is primarily recommended to be used with #7 shot. The 670 is recommended for the larger shot sizes, such as #4, #5 and even the #6 shot. When selecting your turkey choke, please consider the type of gun, shell and the ranges you expect to be shooting. Remember, turkey chokes are intended to give you a great pattern at reasonable range. Reasonable range can depend on such factors as weather, terrain, wind, and most importantly, shooter ability. These chokes are not designed to give you 75 and 80 yard shots. Those shots are possible, and have been made, but I personally recommend that you try to use good judgement and take only shots that will insure you have a clean, One Shot Kill. Conservation of our turkey population depends on us hunters, and wounding birds is not an option for the true hunter. You will be able to choose your gun brand from the tabs below.
Pure Gold extended ported turkey chokes are designed to strip the wad from the shot column to give you the ultimate pattern that you have been looking for. They are not designed to increase maximum range, rather they are designed to provide more shot in the kill zone at reasonable ranges. All of our Turkey chokes are made from a top-grade 17-4ph heat treated stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. All Pure Gold Turkey Chokes are HEVI weight compatible and come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, if not completely happy with the way our Turkey chokes performs return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.


Once you have entered our shopping pages, please select your proper gage and gun brand, making sure to match the choke that came with your gun from the factory using the above videos before placing your order. Please call or email if you have additonal questions. Pure Gold Chokes will not be liable for any mismatched choke to gun issues.

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